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Please have a look at some of the special pieces we have created here at Treasures With Heart Jewelry.  Although many pieces have been sold, these photos will give you an idea what can be done with heirloom treasures.  If there is something you like that has been sold, please contact Heather Day via e-mail at and we will do our very best to accommodate your request.  Or, if you would like to send some of your heirloom items, we would LOVE to transform them into your heart’s desires.

ALSO, check out our Facebook page at Treasures With Heart Jewelry.  Be sure to check out ALL our photo albums, even our Custom Orders Albums, to help give you some ideas of how versatile heirloom silver is and how we can make your vision for it a reality.

 All our pieces are made with love and passion.  We use re-purposed sterling silver, silver-plated and stainless steel cutlery to make jewelry such as Bracelets, Rings, Earrings, Necklaces and Pendants.

 We create beautiful Leather Cuff Bracelets from re-purposed leather adorned with transformed pieces of cutlery and various pendants.

 All our pieces are unique and often one-of-a-kind.  That’s because so often, cutlery sets are incomplete but, this also makes the pieces more special to you and to the members of your family.

 We are constantly trying out new products and methods, such as stamped lava, broken china and sea glass, for instance, and incorporating them into our heirloom pieces.  Please check out our site on a regular basis to see what we have been experimenting with most recently.

 Because our website is a work in progress, it will grow and change with us.  Please check us out regularly to see what’s new.

 Thank you for your patience!


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